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Catherine Juric, Attorney at Law

Vice President and General Manager Courts and Public Notice Network

Email Cathy | Phone: 312-644-7396

Gina Gallichio

Pre-Publication Manager

Email Gina | Phone: 312-644-7395

Cathy has been involved with public notice and the courts at Law Bulletin Media™ since 1987. She previously led the public notice team at the Daley Center, where she oversaw both public notice and the court call publications. She now brings her expertise with a wide range of public notices to lead the PNN team and to share her commitment to accuracy and service.

Gina joined in 1983 as a result has years of expertise working at the Law Bulletin Media. She started with us as a data entry clerk at the Daley Center. For over a decade, she has been a member of the Public Notice Network. As pre-publication manager, she manages the preparation and publishing of Public Notices for the PNN system and for publications in CDLB and other newspapers.

Amy Kent

Post-Publication Manager

Email Amy | Phone: 312-644-7399

Ginger Lamb

Vice President and Publisher

Email Ginger | Phone: 312-644-7005

Amy has been with the Law Bulletin Media since 2009. She was hired as the downstate certificates clerk and in 2015 was promoted to post-publication manager. As post-publication manager, she coordinates with law firms and sales companies for compliance in the county where the property is located and releases certificates of publication after verifying tear sheets from the newspaper.

Ginger joined the company in 2016. She is Vice President and Publisher of the Chicago Lawyer and Chicago Daily Law Bulletin®. With more than two decades of experience in B2B news media, Ginger has led niche media organizations for lawyers, lobbyists and public affairs professionals, in Rochester, New York; Kansas City, Missouri and Phoenix, Arizona. 

David S. Glynn

Vice President

Email Dave | Phone: 312-644-7008

Mike Szeliga

Sales Manager

Email Mike | Phone: 312-644-4638

Dave has been with the Law Bulletin Media team since 1994. He leads the creation and development of technology products that make lawyers more effective in serving their clients.  His prior roles at Chicago law firms provided a backdrop and foundation for effective product development and understanding of the business of law. Dave is responsible for leading the development team for the Public Notice Network.

Mike joined Law Bulletin Media over 30 years ago. He has working knowledge of both the Public Records division and public notice. Mike has held various roles in the B2B publishing industry. He was a Group Publisher and Sales Manager for the REJournals Group, a real estate trade publishing and conference division of Law Bulletin Media.  

Vicki M. Carr

Field Manager Public Records and Client Relationship Manager

Email Vicki | Phone:217-764-5017

Spencer Post

Circulation Marketing & Events Associate

Email Spencer | Phone: 312-644-6762

Vicki has been a part of the Law Bulletin Media team since 2000. She started at Law Bulletin Media as a Records Clerk and was promoted to Field Manager of all data collection for field staff. In 2017 she joined the staff of PNN as Client Relationship Manager visiting newspapers and law firms throughout the state and acting as a contact person for them. She continues dual roles for Law Bulletin Media in Public Records and working with PNN.

Spencer joined Law Bulletin Media in October 2019. He handles marketing and circulation promotions for the CDLB and Chicago Lawyer as well as planning special events in conjunction with company publications. He also handles all marketing and client development events for the Public Notice Network.Spencer grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and moved to Chicago where he obtained a bachelor's degree in marketing & public relations from Columbia College Chicago. 

Ann M. Erickson

Public Notice / Courts Department Manager

Email Ann | Phone: 312-644-8297

Ann joined Law Bulletin Media in 2019, and she is now the Public Notice Courts Manager, based out of the Daley Center, and leading our team of public notice representatives. After graduating from Chicago-Kent College of Law, Ann was an attorney at a small law firm for several years, gaining valuable skills and experience in civil litigation. Ann is excited to serve to the legal community in publishing notices.

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