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Public Notice Network® Launches New Version of Software & Website

(CHICAGO, IL) – Public Notice Network (PNN), a service of Law Bulletin Media ™, is proud to announce the launch of its new web product that streamlines the public notice process for law firms, businesses and newspapers. As an innovative publishing and placement solutions business and an integral part of the public notice process, PNN has dedicated time and effort collaborating with clients to build an intuitive and user-friendly site with exceptional functions and capabilities to easily navigate the public notice process.

The new website allows clients to login to their own portal where they can:

  • Locate and download information for completed notices such as publication run dates, tear sheets and certificates of publication.

  • Attach a document in lieu of pasting a notice.

  • View recently submitted, completed and cancelled notices via the new dashboard.


What Sets Public Notice Network Apart?
               PNN has 131 years of experience and extensive knowledge publishing public notices. The PNN team of experts is dedicated to ensuring accuracy, efficiency and excellent customer service to their clients. They understand the complexities of the publishing and placement business and the new website reflects this.

PNN publishes Cook County notices in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin®, while also distributing notices to suburban and downstate newspapers for publication. PNN works with over 250 newspapers throughout Illinois due to its long-standing relationships maintained over many years.

“We take publishing seriously; respecting the law and its intent,” said Sandy Macfarland, CEO of Law Bulletin Media. “We’re thrilled to offer this enhanced product to streamline the process for our clients and improve efficiency.” President of Law Bulletin Media, Mike Kramer added “PNN will add additional features and enhancements in the future. We’re committed to our customers and want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make their jobs easier.”

About Law Bulletin Media™
               Founded in 1854, Law Bulletin Publishing Company®, now LB Media™, based in Chicago, provides a wide variety of legal publications, software and services for the legal industry. Law Bulletin Media publishes the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin®, Chicago Lawyer®, Sullivan’s Law Directory®, JuraLaw® and Lawyerport™ in addition to numerous regional, legal and real estate publications and websites. Thousands of attorneys rely on these resources daily to keep informed of law firm best practices, precedent-setting court decisions and up-to-date court dockets.

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