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Updates from PNN

Apache Log4j Vulnerability

Law Bulletin Media Company is aware of the reported Apache’s Log4j logging library security vulnerability Identified in versions 2.0 – 2.14.1 (CVE-2021-44228).


After conducting a thorough investigation, we have concluded that this reported vulnerability cannot be exploited in our products. We are following security guidelines to continue to monitor possible traces of intrusion, and are actively upgrading log4j versions regardless of whether our particular implementations are susceptible to these attack vectors.  As we learn of any additional vulnerabilities, we will take steps to remediate these risks to our products and services.

New Legislation Requiring Plaintiffs Firms to Handle Service Mailings

PNN will assist with your service mailings.  On the first run date of publication for Foreclosure Service notice, we will email you a copy of the notice, a draft certificate of publication and label files for the recipients.  Count on us to help!  For more information, email us.

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