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About Public Notice Network

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin®, flagship publication of Law Bulletin Media®, has been publishing legal notices since 1886. Public Notice Network® was established in 2005 to offer our customers an additional service for placing legal notices.

Today, PNN is an innovative publishing and placement solutions company with extensive knowledge of the legal notice industry. Our experienced team have decades of involvement in the legal field and dedicate their work to ensure accuracy, efficiency and excellent customer service to all of our clients. We understand the complexities of the publishing and placement business so you can focus on your clients.


Who is Law Bulletin Media?

Founded in 1854, Law Bulletin Media provides a wide variety of legal publications, software and services for the legal industry. Law Bulletin Media publishes the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin®, Chicago Lawyer®, Sullivan’s Law Directory® in addition to a number of other regional, legal and real estate publications and websites. Thousands of attorneys rely on these resources daily to keep informed of law firm best practices, precedent-setting court decisions and up-to-date court dockets.


What Sets Public Notice Network Apart?

PNN publishes Cook County notices in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin®, while also distributing foreclosure and probate notices to suburban and downstate newspapers for publication. We work with over 250 newspapers throughout Illinois as a result of our long standing relationships maintained over many years. We take publishing seriously; respecting the spirit of the law and its intent.


Submit & Track Notices Online

PNN permits law firms, governments and companies to submit notices online. The skilled PNN team reviews the content of the notice, assigns publication dates and distributes to a newspaper in the appropriate county for publication. Through our website, we also allow the tracking and monitoring of notices and certificates of publication, with the capability to download copies of the certificates.


Additional Features of Public Notice Network

Want to place your notices with us?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

  • Automatically generates invoices

  • Properly adjusts billing when needed

  • Provides customers with certificates of publication

  • Submits copies of notices directly to the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County for any required mailing

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