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Tech Talk - Celebrating One Year of New PNN!

By Dave Glynn

We are celebrating one year since the launch of the PublicNoticeNetwork.Net 2.0. Our goal was to develop an application that would make life simpler, error-free and fast for our customers, member-newspapers, PNN staff/editors and selling agents.

We designed a dashboard that serves the four distinct user roles and provides the most useful functions and information. For newspapers, we made it easy to download a notice for publication. All essential functions are one click away from the dashboard.

Locating a certificate and notice information quickly is most important, so we provided the universal search in the top right of the screen to make it easy to find the notice details in a single click. We migrated notices from the PNN 1.5 system so that a complete history was available to end users.

By automating several processes within the new application, we shortened the time gap for tear sheets and certificates. To reinforce publishing schedules, we send automatic email reminders.

PNN is a successful Cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) product that can expand and grow to meet the needs of your business.

We hope you will celebrate one year with us. Please reach out to me directly with your thoughts about further improving the system. Email Dave with your thoughts.

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