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E-Filing Compatible Certificates of Publication

by Catherine Juric, Vice President and General Manager

Throughout Illinois, the Clerks of Court have been required to institute an electronic filing system. The impact on newspapers is that every document, including our certificates of publication, must be compatible with the e-filing systems.

The Illinois Press Association has kindly provided a form Certificate which they strongly advise using. It is available on their website at In addition to mentioning that your published notice was uploaded to the state website, the IPA certificates also include the required 2 inches of blank space in the upper right corner.

Whether you use the IPA’s format or the format that PNN provides, please be sure to leave the top 2 inches in the upper right corner blank. This is the area that the Clerk of Court will use to imprint the electronic filing information.

As always, please be sure that the notice you attach does not hang over the edges of the certificate or cover the certificate wording. The IPA suggests attaching the notice itself as a second, separate page to the certificate.

Catherine Juric, Vice President and General Manager

If you have any questions about the format of the certificates, please feel free to call Amy Kent at (312) 644-7399.

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