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Ride Along with Amy Kent - Q & A with PNN

Amy Kent joined PNN ten years ago and became the Post Publications Manager in 2015. In that role, Amy and her team coordinate the tear sheets, certificates of publication, invoices and payments, ensuring that PNN receives the proper documentation for each notice and that all participating newspapers are paid on time.

Public Notice Network: How long have you lived in Illinois?

Amy Kent: All my life.

PNN: What’s your favorite part of working in the city?

AK: I love people watching. I can see and meet people from all

over the world.

PNN: What is your biggest challenge in working with post publication matters?

AK: Receiving copies that are either too light or too dark to scan into the PNN system. Another problem is when the copies of the notices are not complete because they were cut off either at the beginning or the end.

PNN: What’s an important aspect of your job that people may not consider?

AK: We frequently don’t receive certificates or tear sheets on time. We really need the tear sheets for all three run dates and the certificates within a day or two of the last publication date.

PNN: What do you enjoy most about your job?

AK: I love working with clients and newspapers across Illinois.

PNN: When you are not devoting your time to PNN, what is your favorite past time?

AK: Taking scenic rides with my husband, Richard, on our motorcycle, and spending time with our two dogs, Gunther and ElleMae.

PNN: Are you a sports fan?

AK: I love to watch football, baseball, and NASCAR. The Bears are my favorite football team, and I root for both Chicago Cubs and White Sox. I don’t have a favorite NASCAR driver, but I like the Ford teams.

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