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Newspapers: Spring Cleaning Publication Tips

by Amy Kent and Gina Gallichio

Amy Kent, Post-Publication Services Manager

As spring approaches, PNN is ready for spring cleaning. We’re focusing on what can be improved, including changes to ensure notices are published accurately and certificates and tear sheets are issued promptly. Here’s our list of top tips:

1. Download and publish each notice as given. Never add or cut information

in the notice.

2. For sale notices, make sure to download both the legal and real estate

publication information.

3. Publish all notices on assigned dates. If for any reason dates need

to be changed, please advise our office immediately.

4. Please complete the required statements and return them to our office.

5. Tear sheets should be emailed within 1-2 days after each run date.

6. Copies of publications and certificates need to be emailed within 1-2

days after the last run date.

7. When pasting publications to certificates, be sure to leave a 2” space for the clerk to file


Gina Gallichio, Pre-Publication Services Manager

8. Do not paste publications above the dotted line on our certificates—paste below the dotted line. Additional publication copies can be attached to the back of the certificate or on a separate sheet of paper.

9. Do not leave any portion of the publication hanging off the page of the certificate.

10. Please send us an invoice once a notice has finished running.

11. Invoices should be sent along with the certificates.

12. Double check that all correct I-numbers are listed on the invoice for all papers.

As always, please contact us at 312-644-7395 or email with any questions, concerns or issues.

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